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          Paper bags - the clinical use of sterile medical packaging materials Paper

          Hospital central sterile supply sterile hospital central station , is Xiangquan offers a variety of sterile equipment, sterile dressings and other important departments. In order to strengthen the central sterile supply scientific management to ensure quality of care, to provide reasonable sterile hospital to meet the clinical treatment and care needs , central supply room should be based on clinical characteristics of the traditional sterile packaging material to make an improved method , the use of sterile disposable paper and plastic packaging materials. Paper bags are made ??from special materials made ??with bacterial barrier , packaging equipment items only beautiful, see-through , and can be stored for at least six months or more after sterilization . The advantages of the use of paper and plastic packaging , but will be necessary to use very low frequency instrument package carried on the clinical paper and plastic packaging . Are presented below.
            First, the characteristics of paper and plastic packaging
            1 , paper and plastic packaging performance
            Paper and plastic packaging materials for pressure steam sterilization , ethylene oxide sterilization , low temperature steam formaldehyde sterilization.
            Sterilized items stored valid , subject to performance and quality of packaging materials , a variety of factors rigor , quality, sterilization , storage conditions , mode of transport , such as the number of hands touching sealing . Plain cotton and double open-type rigid containers , bacterial barrier limited at 25 ℃, 10 ~ 14 d, humid rainy season shorter . Paper and plastic packaging materials, bacterial barrier durable shelf life of up to six months or more. Central sterile supply many kinds of spare items and large quantities , but there are some very low frequency package ( such as
                    Tracheotomy kits, endotracheal tube, phlebotomy packages, etc. ) , often due to frequent short validity sterilization . Using paper and plastic packaging materials not only extended to ensure the quality and safety of clinical use sterile package , but also greatly reduces the sterilization damaged goods , especially cloth , rubber goods adhesions and metal objects rust occurrence of loss rate , extending the life of the article .
            2 , paper and plastic packaging material advantages
            Paper packaging material of the transparent film composed of a multilayer composite film , which is good bacterial barrier properties stored for a long time , a pressure tight seal in the sealing sealer 150 ~ 180 ℃ and residence time ; articles of the various sterilized pyrogen monitoring, monitoring of bacterial culture , chemical indicator monitoring , sterilization indicators reached the requirement.
            Good penetration , make sterilization gas safety penetration, while cold air can be discharged within a package , to achieve complete sterilization effect ; good drainage , weight per square meter 56 ~ 70 g paper and plastic packaging material, paper does not cause the drainage device in the formation of condensate steam sterilization ; heat sterilization process at a high temperature , the better the toughness of paper , no cracking.
            Paper and plastic bags emblazoned with the pressure of steam and ethylene oxide, two chemical color indicator points ( equivalent to bag the role of external chemical indicator tape ) , from the appearance of different colors can be a clear distinction between this diagram items are sterilized . For management purposes, the name of the package directly , sterilization date, expiry date , operator name , check 's name written on the paper , which eliminates the trouble pasting chemical indicator tape and a variety of labels.
            Reducing the use of paper and plastic packaging sterilization costs and loss items not commonly used types of packages ; storage time in the past due items after sterilization short , expired items to be re-cleaning , packing, packing needs to be replaced when the suture needle, thread , blade, after washing cloth bag , the bag should be placed chemical indicator card , chemical indicator tape pasted outside of the package , and the need to re- sterilization, disinfection increased loss center . Currently, the type of surgery increased significantly, increased sterile package , many are not commonly used sterile package utilization is relatively low, but still clinical departments indispensable aid and treatment , sterilization time-consuming , these packages with paper and plastic packaging materials packaging not only stored for a long time, but you can always supply clinical use , without duplication of sterilization and reduce losses. After using paper and plastic packaging materials to ensure adequate reserves surgical use items , avoiding the search of such items a day, reducing the number of hands touch the sterile package , so that is not commonly used sterilization sterilization times a week from the original article 1, reduced to once every six months , repeat the sterilization rate is greatly reduced , but also reduces the loss rate of sterile goods.
            Second, should pay attention to the problem
            When a single device packaging , to choose the right size of paper and plastic packaging materials ; weapon to note then wrapped with a small piece of yarn into the paper and plastic packaging , to prevent the transport process will save bags punctured. When the device packaging , sealing one end slightly larger space , items from the seal 3 ~ 5 cm, to prevent wrinkles when paper and plastic packaging materials to facilitate sealing . When the items to be sterilized pot, stainless steel basket dressed required , Celi , if the plastic may cause water retention -oriented flat on the plastic surface ; no direct contact between the plastic surface and plastic surfaces .
            Select the temperature sealing machine 150 ~ 180 ℃ , the temperature debugging 180 ℃, plastic strip width of 2 cm, using double- sealed to ensure rigor and anti- sealing tension .
            When handling , hold the hand flat layers of paper , do not squeeze when checking the packaging , there is no damage to the resistance to prohibit the bag upside down , hand drag , etc., to prevent the side of the trailer of scrap paper , the use of paper and plastic when used check the method of packaging materials. After sterilization careful to check color discoloration and closure pocket , pay attention to moisture- proof paper layer weapon punctured. Note that when you use to check for damage , if damaged strictly prohibited.
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