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          Paper bags - paper and plastic packaging should be aware of the problem

          When a single device packaging , to choose the right size of paper and plastic packaging materials ; weapon to note then wrapped with a small piece of yarn into the paper and plastic packaging , to prevent the transport process will save bags punctured. When the device packaging , sealing one end slightly larger space , items from the seal 3 ~ 5 cm, to prevent wrinkles when paper and plastic packaging materials to facilitate sealing . When the items to be sterilized pot, stainless steel basket dressed required , Celi , if the plastic may cause water retention -oriented flat on the plastic surface ; no direct contact between the plastic surface and plastic surfaces .
          Select the temperature sealing machine 150 ~ 180 ℃ , the temperature debugging 180 ℃, plastic strip width of 2 cm, using double- sealed to ensure rigor and anti- sealing tension .
          When handling , hold the hand flat layers of paper , do not squeeze when checking the packaging , there is no damage to the resistance to prohibit the bag upside down , hand drag , etc., to prevent the side of the trailer of scrap paper , the use of paper and plastic when used check the method of packaging materials. After sterilization careful to check color discoloration and closure pocket , pay attention to moisture- proof paper layer weapon punctured. Note that when you use to check for damage , if damaged strictly prohibited.
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