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          Paper bags - about the paper bag separation method

          Scrap of paper bag can then make paper bag recycling through separation , there are usually two ways:
          First, a method by heating pure
          The paper is placed flat paper-plastic composite plate is heated by a heating plate heating ; when the temperature is between 150 ℃ ~ 280 ℃; after 20 seconds to 50 seconds when heated , paper- plastic composite shrinkage deformation starts on separation and paper. This method can be used in the past can not handle paper bags were separated , so that waste can be regenerated , you can use the pulp and paper ; renewable waste plastics granulation, making re- drawing paper bag , or injection into a new plastic products. This method can be used in the paper bag together turning waste into treasure, and solve environmental problems , and therefore have a huge economic and social benefits.
          Second, by separating the organic solvent to dissolve the monomer paper
          With waste paper and plastic composite material as raw material, dissolved in an organic solvent separating paper monomer , beating the papermaking process , the raw material is dissolved in an organic solvent tank , heating, stirring to dissolve paper-plastic composite plastic layer, monomers and other monomers separation sheet layer was dried beating of paper sheets selected . The method is simple , high separation efficiency of the paper bag , the desired effect , after the separation of the paper can be used for paper, reducing paper production costs ; bags can be used to create recycled plastic bags or other products to achieve a recycling utilization, protection of the environment , with good social and economic benefits .
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