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          Paper bags - bags sterilization indicators

          Size: Average according to customer requirements.
          Manufacturers Qualification: ISO13485 certification, CFR820, the United States FDA, 100,000 purification plant 5,000 square meters plant, the registered capital of 5 million
          Standard: ISO11607, EN868 and GB/T19633 standards: ISO14644, ISO10993, ISO14971, ISO11135/GB18279 ethylene oxide sterilization, ISO11137 irradiation sterilization, ISO11134/GB18278/ISO17665 (NEW) heat sterilized product category: Paper bag; paper and plastic bags; blister lidding; Blister paper; dialysis paper; plastic plastic bags; foil bags
          Material: one side of the paper (DuPont Tyvek paper tyvek / French medical dialysis paper / British Medical Blister paper) + customer base side of the composite plastic molded object: instrumentarija home or hospital
          Product shelf life: three to five years resistance bacteria (security, safety assurance package)
          Quality determination method: Edge peel force size test; without confetti separation; Edge resistance bacteria leak test without leakage, etc.
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