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          Paper bags - plastic bags identification of toxic

          Identification of toxic plastic bags
                 Plastic food bags are often used in people's lives , but it also must be careful to use some plastic bags are toxic and can not be used to directly loaded food. First, non-toxic plastic bag with eye observation was white, transparent or slightly transparent , uniform texture ; toxic plastic , although compared to color or white, but poor transparency over the muddy, uneven plastic surface tension , there are small particles. Second, when you use your ears, shake his hand hard plastic , issued by the crisp sound show that is non-toxic plastic bag ; while the sound is small and stuffy toxic plastic bags. Third, stroking touch the surface of the plastic bags , very smooth is nontoxic ; sticky, astringent, waxy feeling is toxic. Fourth, with the smell of plastic bags are non-toxic and tasteless ; stimulate abnormal smell or taste is toxic . Five test method put plastic bags submerged into the water , hand press it to the bottom , wait a moment, surfaced is non-toxic plastic bags, submerged in the bottom of the plastic bags that are toxic . Sixth, the combustion of flammable non-toxic plastic , yellow flame tip , local was blue , like a candle burning , like tears dripping with paraffin smell ; toxic and non-flammable plastic bags from the fire is put out , the tip of the flame is yellow the bottom is green, softening can be brushed .
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