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        4.   Notice: .Paper bags - Kang Hung Plastic Factory Direct, give you satisfaction   .Paper bags - basic instructions for medical bags   .Paper bags - Kang Hung Plastic quality of priority, the quality of trust   .Paper Bags - Plastic Nakasone introduce the advantages of paper and plastic packaging   .Paper bags - paper and plastic bags of process description   .Paper bags - paper bag of three advantages   .Paper bags - Kang Hung Plastic varieties, excellent quality   .Paper bags - Kang Hung Plastic products are exported abroad   .Paper bags - plastic packaging knowledge about the   .Hung Kang trust the quality of paper and plastic bags, three bags of quality   .Paper bags - plastic bags identification of toxic   .Paper bags - bags sterilization indicators   .Paper Bag - Paper sterilization roll six Tidbits   .Paper bags - bags of quality medical equipment technical requirements   .Paper bags - paper and plastic bags on the definition description   .Paper bags - bags Development   .Paper bags - about the paper bag separation method   .Paper bags - a detailed description of the medical bag   .Paper bags - paper and plastic packaging should be aware of the problem   .Paper bags - on paper and plastic bag separation method   .Paper bags - bags of disposable medical devices on the basic instructions   .Paper bags - on paper and plastic packaging performance   .Paper bags - the clinical use of sterile medical packaging materials Paper   .Paper bags - a detailed description of the medical bag   .Paper bags - paper and plastic bags basic explanation   .Paper bags - the use of disposable plastic bags harm to the body, but also caused seri   .Paper bags - drug packaging material requirements   .Paper and plastic bags - range, professional certification   .Kang Hung Plastic Paper Bag - excellent price, good quality   .Kang Hung Plastic paper bags of good quality, durable   .Paper bags main technical parameters and process description   .Kang Hung Plastic paper bags, sales of the world's leading   .Paper and plastic bags -100 % service , 100% satisfaction   .Medical nouns explain   .Paper-plastic bag type   .Paper-plastic bag performance parameters   .Paper-plastic bag show   .Sterilization packaging bag   .Sterilization packaging bag description   .Standardized management of the central sterile supply   .Different characteristics of main use and each label ABS.PS.PP.PE and other materials.  

          Paper bags - plastic packaging knowledge about the

          Plastic Category:
              Plastic according to its own performance points can be divided into : can be repeatedly melt- molding and to maintain the basic characteristics of the thermoplastic and thermosetting plastics can be one of two categories of melt molding . According to its use can be divided using a wide range of cheap, good overall performance of general-purpose plastics , such as PE, PP, PVC, PS, and amino plastics have good physical and mechanical strength , may replace the metal used in the construction machinery engineering plastics such as : ABS, nylon , polyester , POM, TPX-1 and the like. And having a particularly excellent properties in a certain class of engineering plastics , such as: having a particularly good radiation resistance, heat resistance , etc. of special plastics , such as: poly- sulfone , liquid crystal polymer . Crystalline thermoplastic resin according to the size of the molecule , can be divided into amorphous thermoplastic polymer and crystalline polymer types.
          The main characteristics of plastics :
              The main characteristics of plastic are: first , low density , high strength , you can get a higher package yield, that is, " the quality of the packaging unit volume or the size of the second package , most plastics chemical resistance is good, there is . good acid and alkali resistance, various types of organic Rong agents, long-term placement , oxidation does not occur. third , easy molding , shaping energy required is less than steel and other metal materials. fourth , with good transparency, easy coloring of Fifth, with good strength, high strength properties per unit weight , impact resistance, easy modification sixth , low processing cost. Seventh, excellent insulation .
          Plastic packaging industry developments:
              In synthesis, there are 25% for the packaging industry , for the plastic packaging industry, an important sector , is one of the four plastic packaging materials and packaging industry : paper and paperboard accounted for 30% , 25% plastic , metals accounted for 25 % glass and 15% . More than 25% of the two fully illustrate the importance of the plastic packaging industry. Although plastic packaging industry is the second packaging material , in fact, not as good as with the surface of paper and paperboard packaging. But the plastic packaging industry rate of 5% per annum in the development, and other packaging materials, including paper and paperboard, metal, glass, pottery Wa , cotton , etc. Only 2% of the rate of growth , for one day the plastic packaging industry will become the first one over paper and paperboard packaging materials.
          Containers areas:
              In terms of packaging containers , originally packaged beverage containers are glass bottles followed by paper composite cans , PET bottles are then , and now has a rigid PET bottle carbonated drinks and non-carbonated beverages largest packaging materials , and accounted for in the United States in 1991 26.5% of the beverage containers , glass bottles by 1981 from 28.9 % down to 19.5% , aluminum 39% . And plastic bottles is growing at annual rate of more than 3% of rapid growth. To be sure , even in the plastic packaging industry most countries have been blamed . Plastic packaging materials will continue to be much faster than other speed in no segment development , because a lot of the characteristics of any other kind of plastic packaging material can not be replaced . Meanwhile in the plastic packaging industry has occupied the field of sales package has been developed to transport packaging, will eventually force the metal is still based " transport packaging " , mainly replaced by plastic .
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