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          Paper Bags - Plastic Nakasone introduce the advantages of paper and plastic packaging

          1, the shelf life of sterilized items sterilized items stored longer period of validity , subject to performance and quality of packaging materials , a variety of factors rigor , quality, sterilization , storage conditions , mode of transport , such as the number of hands touching the sealing effects . Paper and plastic packaging materials, has a bacterial barrier , shelf life of up to six months. Supply of spare room categories of items and large quantities , but there are some very low frequency package ( such as tracheotomy kits, endotracheal tube, phlebotomy packages, etc. ) , often due to frequent short validity sterilization . After the use of paper and plastic packaging , not only extended to ensure the quality and safety of clinical use of aseptic packages , and greatly reduces the sterilized items especially damaged cloth into powder , rubber goods adhesions and rusty metal objects such as the incidence of loss , extending the life of items , saving economic spending , but also reduce the labor intensity of nursing staff .
              2 , can be used for high-pressure steam and ethylene oxide sterilization , paper and plastic bags emblazoned with high-pressure steam and ethylene oxide, two chemical color indicator points ( equivalent to bag the role of external chemical indicator tape ) , from the appearance of different colors the diagram can clearly distinguish whether this item has been autoclaving or ethylene oxide sterilization , eliminating the need for chemical indicator tape pasted trouble we.
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