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        4.   Notice: .Paper bags - Kang Hung Plastic Factory Direct, give you satisfaction   .Paper bags - basic instructions for medical bags   .Paper bags - Kang Hung Plastic quality of priority, the quality of trust   .Paper Bags - Plastic Nakasone introduce the advantages of paper and plastic packaging   .Paper bags - paper and plastic bags of process description   .Paper bags - paper bag of three advantages   .Paper bags - Kang Hung Plastic varieties, excellent quality   .Paper bags - Kang Hung Plastic products are exported abroad   .Paper bags - plastic packaging knowledge about the   .Hung Kang trust the quality of paper and plastic bags, three bags of quality   .Paper bags - plastic bags identification of toxic   .Paper bags - bags sterilization indicators   .Paper Bag - Paper sterilization roll six Tidbits   .Paper bags - bags of quality medical equipment technical requirements   .Paper bags - paper and plastic bags on the definition description   .Paper bags - bags Development   .Paper bags - about the paper bag separation method   .Paper bags - a detailed description of the medical bag   .Paper bags - paper and plastic packaging should be aware of the problem   .Paper bags - on paper and plastic bag separation method   .Paper bags - bags of disposable medical devices on the basic instructions   .Paper bags - on paper and plastic packaging performance   .Paper bags - the clinical use of sterile medical packaging materials Paper   .Paper bags - a detailed description of the medical bag   .Paper bags - paper and plastic bags basic explanation   .Paper bags - the use of disposable plastic bags harm to the body, but also caused seri   .Paper bags - drug packaging material requirements   .Paper and plastic bags - range, professional certification   .Kang Hung Plastic Paper Bag - excellent price, good quality   .Kang Hung Plastic paper bags of good quality, durable   .Paper bags main technical parameters and process description   .Kang Hung Plastic paper bags, sales of the world's leading   .Paper and plastic bags -100 % service , 100% satisfaction   .Medical nouns explain   .Paper-plastic bag type   .Paper-plastic bag performance parameters   .Paper-plastic bag show   .Sterilization packaging bag   .Sterilization packaging bag description   .Standardized management of the central sterile supply   .Different characteristics of main use and each label ABS.PS.PP.PE and other materials.  

          Paper bags - basic instructions for medical bags

          Medical bags: Alias: sterilization bags, sterilization bags, medical bags, medical paper and plastic bags consisting of one side of paper , one side plastic composite film for the sterilization of medical devices to treat packaging , the initial part of the product packaging , on paper bags generally require manufacturers or product -related information printed medical devices , according to EN868-5 from the provisions of the printed area shall not be greater than 50% of the composition of the function description : medical dialysis paper side , the other side is a medical medical composite film bags respectively suited for : EO ethylene oxide, high-temperature steam sTEAM, GAMMA cobalt CO60 -ray irradiation sterilization packaging , such as hospitals to medical equipment high temperature steam sterilization or sterilization when used to hold items to be sterilized , sterile manufacturers of medical devices such as bacterial barrier packaging syringes , catheters , probes, gauze , surgical gowns, artificial , artificial organs, electric pencil sharpeners and other medical sterile products , generally a few minutes to half an hour of steam sterilization temperature of 121-134 degrees, ethylene oxide sterilization hours , a temperature of about 55 degrees , radiation sterilization at room temperature , about 2 minutes to complete, are not suitable for high temperature sterilization , when PET ( polyester ) / PE ( polyethylene ) colorless medical complex film, because PE itself does not withstand high temperatures , plastic is not high temperature, radiation sterilization is not recommended .. PET ( polyester ) / CPP ( PP ) , because radiation rays have aging CPP embrittlement may also precipitate harmful halides. generally the product in a clean workshop as 100,000 purification workshop, the disposable sterile medical devices into the bag , and then seal the bag heat sealer together after put into cartons into sterile cabinet sterilization OK, then generally due to different materials, blocking bacteria are generally divided into one -year shelf life of 3 years, 5 years , were done to verify the aging , thus ensuring that the transport , storage has to open before the final hospital nurses , medical products inside the bag is sterile products , no longer sterile , can be directly used .
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