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          Paper bags - Kang Hung Plastic Factory Direct, give you satisfaction

          Paper bags - Kang Hung Plastic Factory Direct, give you satisfaction

          Paper and plastic bags , also known as triple composite paper bag , is made ??of a composite of plastic and kraft paper , usually plastic layer using pp polypropylene (pp) as the substrate shut pp woven wire , kraft paper kraft paper adopts special refining complex , both by hot molten plastic laminating adhesive is made by kraft lamination cloth bag molding, reprocessing sewn into triple paper bags.
          ● composite woven : Combo by major material into polypropylene bags, polypropylene triple bags, polyethylene bags combo , triple polyethylene bags ; press into bottom seam sewing method bags, hemming bottom bag in my pocket , bonded sewing bags ;
          ● Press the effective width of the bag into 450,500,550,600,650,700 mm, where the effective width does not meet the above specifications .
          Paper bag : Commonly known as: triple bags
          ( 1 ) Definition Description
          Paper bag : also known as triple composite paper bag , is a small bulk containers , mainly in manpower or forklift implementation unit of transport , which facilitates the shipment minor bulk powder granular materials with high strength, waterproof, appearance Korea , easy handling and other characteristics , is a most popular and practical common packaging materials.
          ( 2 ) Process Description: outside using refined white or yellow kraft paper kraft paper, which uses plastic woven by high temperature and pressure to melt the plastic particles PP , kraft paper and put together a composite plastic woven bags available plus intima . Paper bag form equivalent to the bottom seam open pockets. Has superior features high strength, waterproof and so on.

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