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          Mobile phone:13605509911 15255082081
          Address:Tianchang Yongfeng Industrial Park
          Product Name : Medical paper-plastic packaging bag 1
          Item # : Pro2009625114239
          Model : 可定制
          Was Price: CNY/
          Now Price : CNY/
          Last update : 2009.06.25
          Manufacturer : 

          A/ material
          PE/PET medical dialyzed paper
          The characteristics of B/
          1 features: high strength, torn edge sealing of non-stick paper.
          2 properties: good ventilation, resistance of bacteria.
          3 ways of sterilization: epoxy ethane, gamma rays, etc..
          4 printing: water melt ink can be printed, sterilization indication mark.
          C/ adaptation
          Disposable medical supplies, disposable transfusion system, injector, scalp needle, operation, such as clothing, duct suture needle.
          D/ note
          1 according to the size of packaging sterilization items, select the suitable, otherwise easily lead to packing bag burst.
          2 select the proper sterilization, this package is not suitable for high pressure steam sterilization.
          3 sealing temperature 180 ℃ - 200 ℃. Heat sealing pressure 0.15KG/CM, concrete can be adjusted according to the heat sealing effect.

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